Monday, April 11, 2016

March meeting

Our class on lines with a couple examples provided by Victoria and Lisa and our teacher Annes example of a quilt she made from a picture of a railing swirl

The next class homework is shapes, Talent runs ramped in the group -its our SuperPower

We had a sew-in the remainder of the day quilting and sewing for charity

At least 10 quilts are complete and about as many in progress for the charity.  In addition socks, underware and cloth bags were turned in for the children.

Our April meeting will be at the Batavia Quilters Guild, (or Museum Quilters Guild)/) we will provide them with a trunk show and a bit about what modern quilting is. We are honored to be invited

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Art 101 with Anne

Hi, Everyone! Based on the feedback I received from you all at the meeting and at lunch, I'm going to put together an exercise to play with the elements of line and value at the next meeting.  My goal is to provide an understanding of these terms and ideas so that everyone is comfortable using them in their quilting as well as in critiques.  This will provide a strong foundation for anyone who is interested in learning how to make quilts in an improvisational way.

Art 101 with Anne

I found several websites which describe the Elements and Principles of Art and Design.  This is one with clear definitions.

Think about these Elements and Principles as being tools in your tool box.  Using them and focusing on them one at a time will get you more comfortable using the terms to describe images, and using the ideas to make stuff!

Excercise #1, you will need: magazines and or photos, black flair pen, paper, tracing paper. (optional: photocopier)

1. Collect two folders of images (they can be your own photos or cut from a magazine).  Get a variety, at least 6 to 12 in each folder.

One folder will have interesting LINES. (Curvy lines of trees against the sky, close up of wheat fields showing the curved lines of the plants, angular lines of city architecture, anything that appeals to you and has a line or lines in it. )  

The other folder should have some images which show a range of VALUE. ie; areas of light, medium and dark. Examples might be pictures of the sky at sunset, images of water often have a wide value range, etc. This set of images should be black and white, no color.  If you have a color image you really want to use, print it in black and white or photocopy it.  

2. If you want to start playing with the LINES images, select one and begin either making small doodles using the lines as inspiration.  If you don't know where to start, put some tracing paper over the image and trace (use a black flair pen) the main lines.  Every so often, stop and look at what you have.  Put a new piece of tracing paper over the same image and trace different lines.  See what you get.  Think about how these can be changed or combined in different ways.  

Just play! You can't do it wrong! bring what you have done, and we can all look at them and see what everyone has come up with.  In February,we can talk about how these sketches can be turned into designs for quilts.

(Note: if you want to make a quilt design based on a photograph without changing it significantly, you should use your OWN photo.)  

Thursday, January 14, 2016

January 16 2016 meeting

This months demo was presented by Marija, both press and turn appliqué 

February meeting on Saturday  the 20th
Julia Boyer Reinstein Branch Library
1039 Losson Road
Cheektowaga, NY 

Februarys teaching will include one of the design basics by Anne
"LINE" See separate posting labled Art 101 with Anne

Our March 20th meeting will feature "COLOR" 
We will be a sew-in and will be making quilt blocks for charity.  I will send out 3 patterns so you can start blocks or just do all your cutting to our current 2016 members.

These quilts will be donated as a bag with newly purchased socks underwear and the quilt to 
Lee Gross Anthone CATS
556 Franklin St
Buffalo NY 14202 or

This months modern quilt examples by Robi

Hope to see you at the February meeting

Off to sew,

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


to our new BlogSpot formally WNY Modern Quilt Guild

We are a group of modern quilters who meet once a month locally in Western New York.  Our agenda changes each month based on our interest as a group, demo's to share with each other and charities we assist.

January meeting on Saturday the 16th will be at
Julia Boyer Reinstein Branch Library
1039 Losson Road
Cheektowaga, NY 14227 

Marija will do a demo tutorial on applique

This months modern quilting examples by Pam
1) DoGoodStitches Charity quilt
2) Craftsy- Swirled Christmas Tree Quilt by Frivolous Necessity
3) Anna Marie Horner Feathers
4) Sew Kind of Wonderful Metro Rings Quilt

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Join us at any meeting to become a new member

Off to sew,
VP of Charity